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We provide great services and ideas.

A venture started with an ambition to revolutionize the trucking industry. Business based on complete transparency and optimization of all resources for employers and employees a like is the base of our company.
Our business model was refined by the mistakes of our predecessors and we ought to optimize the financial inflows for ourselves but more importantly for the people who work with us.
Many businesses ought to tell their employees, to measure their growth in terms of the company's growth, We see the growth of our business in the growth of the employees attached to our business

Our Services

As our model of business has been refined by the mistakes of our predecessors it is needless to say that we are more flexible in terms of our dealings and the services that we offer to our clients. You want to come in as a company driver? Welcome Aboard! Owner operator without authorities? Jump in! Owner operator with authorities? Hop on!
We will provide you a team of highly experienced dispatchers, accountants, afterhours and legal advisors who know the IN's and OUT's of our esteemed industry flawlessly. Our dispatchers specialize in Reefers, Vans, Flatbeds and step decks. Along with their experience come brokers with which they have long term professional relations which ensures you will not stand anywhere without a load.

Truckload Van

We’ve got you covered for the short or long haul.

Stepdeck, Heavy & Specialized

Our specialized equipment is only outmatched by our heavy haul expertise.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

When you don't need an entire truck, we find the LTL solution right for you.

Temperature Controlled

Look to Acurate Logistics when you need to stay cool.

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